EMU Server Deployment Job Handler

The EMU Server Deployment Job Handler takes deployment jobs found in the database and processes them accordingly - adding or removing machines to and from Application Deployment collections, task sequence deployment collections, and uninstall collections, then reaching out to any possible target hosts and kicking off policy and evaluation cycles to provide a more "instant deployment".

Other Information

  1. This component's log can be found at "<Installation Path>\Logs\DeploymentJobHandler.log"
  2. This component is installed as and runs as a service, with the name "EMUServDep".  This service needs to be configured to run as your EMU Server service account.
  3. There are several factors influencing deployment speed, mostly depending on your ConfigMgr (SCCM/MEMCM) environment's SQL and collection configuration and health.  If you need assistance troubleshooting deployment speeds, you may contact us here.