EMU Server Data Collector

The EMU Server Data Collector component checks for relevant data from ConfigMgr and updates the EMU server database with the relevant information.

Tasks performed include:

  • Retrieving Data about all ConfigMgr applications
  • Retrieving Data about relevant ConfigMgr collections
    • Published Application Collections (where name begins with "EMUDeviceApp - " or "EMUUserApp - ")
    • Published Application Uninstall Collections (where name begins with "EMUUninstallApp - ")
    • Published Task Sequence Collections (where name begins with "EMUTaskSequence - ")
    • Published Patching Collections (where name begins with "Patching - ")
  • Retrieving data about ConfigMgr boundaries and Boundary Groups

Other Information:

The Data Collector component is installed as a scheduled task, which runs EMUServerDataCollector.exe triggered at startup and repeated on a default schedule of every 5 minutes.  This timing can be manually adjusted based on desired timings weighed against server resources and environment size.  There is no "one-size-fits-all" guidance here, you will need to determine the best settings for your environment.  Typically, default timings are satisfactory for most environments already.

The Data Collector component runs off the server's EMUServer.config configuration file.