Endpoint Management Utility User Guide

Documentation for EMU is under construction.  Please excuse and report any broken links, missing information, etc.

Endpoint Management Utility is a companion tool for Configuration Manager (aka ConfigMgr, SCCM, MEMCM, etc.) environments which allows an organization to provide technicians a single tool to manage workstations, deploy applications via ConfigMgr instantly, etc. without the need to grant potentially dangerous permissions in Active Directory or ConfigMgr.  The idea is to make technicians' jobs easier, while allowing for a more controlled and locked down environment.

Computer Management Screenshot

The Endpoint Management Utility client is broken down into several "Core Features", presented as tabs across the bottom of the application.

Current Core Features:

  1. Computer Management
  2. Application Deployment
  3. User Management
  4. Computer Imaging
  5. Dev Features

Other Information

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