EMU Permissions

Application User Functionality Permissions

Permissions to functionality within EMU work based on AD Group membership in EMU Permission groups.  These groups are created in your environment by the EMU Server Installer.  Granting permissions in EMU is as simple as ensuring the user is a member of the group (either directly or indirectly via a member group nesting).

Specific Group Information:

  1. Ent-EMU-UsageAllowed
    1. Grants general permission to launch/use EMU.  Without membership in this group, EMU will close for the account it is launched from.  This group also provides read-only access to most Computer Management features.
  2. Ent-EMU-ComputerManagement
    1. Grants full permissions to Computer Management Core feature (tab) of EMU.
  3. Ent-EMU-ApplicationDeployment
    1. Grants access to the Application Deployment Core feature (tab) of EMU.
    2. Ent-EMU-AppDeploy-Licensed
      1. This group provides generic access to deploy applications marked as "licensed" while published with the EMU Admin Client.
    3. Ent-EMU-AppDeploy-Default
  4. Ent-EMU-WorkstationImaging
    1. Grants access to the Workstation Imaging Core feature (tab) of EMU.
  5. Ent-EMU-PrinterManagement
    1. Grants access to the Printer Management Core feature (tab) of EMU.
  6. Ent-EMU-UserManagement
    1. Grants access to the User Management Core feature (tab) of EMU.

More Information

For information on required service account permissions, see Service Account Permissions Documentation