Systems Management

Automating Systems Management tasks saves hundreds of hours, allowing your org to manage to do the things there is no budget for.
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager Console

Every health care organization, regardless of size, must maintain their systems in order to remain compliant and secure. The server space and especially the end-user computer footprint are large surfaces regularly exposed to the internet, with users who don't always know better. Small health care organizations face the challenge of low staff and needing to keep up with software installation, updates/patching, new computer/operating system installation, and locking it all down.

Investing in a management platform can help immensely by having something work for you 24/7 to automate these tasks as much as possible. VisuaFUSION Systems Solutions has years of experience working with Microsoft Configuration Manager, which is designed to do just these sorts of things. Imagine replacing Oracle Java with Amazon Correto, scheduled for 8PM on a Wednesday, or installing that new EMR software on all the nursing and provider workstations at once - all without touching a single endpoint and without even needing to be there. For further automation, there are also several addons available for Configuration Manager such as 3rd-party patching (Java, Adobe Reader, etc.) for essentially pennies per-machine. In addition, Configuration Manager ties in and is designed to work with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), so you will have the best of on-prem and azure cloud at your fingertips.

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Systems Management Overview

Reduce Configuration Drift and Standardize

Reduce Configuration Drift to Save Money

By utlizing a systems management platform, your organization will reduce configuration drift found in your environment. Configuration drift causes immense amounts of wasted trouble shooting with one-off issues specific to individual machines. This will create a more standardized and reliable environment.
Address demanding recovery point objectives

Automate Software Deployments

Getting software installed on all your computers (or even subsets of computers) in your organization becomes a much more manageable task for a small IT staff. Your organization will also save time and money by no longer requiring a person to perform the same manual task of software installation over and over on each machine. This also contributes to less configuration drift, as a human may forget to check a checkbox on a few machines during installation, but the management system will perform the same exact steps on each computer, ensuring the software is installed and behaves in the exact same way. Oh, and you know, requiring less man-power as well.
Wide application support

Software Updates and Patching

Keeping software on workstations up-to-date with security updates on a regular basis can be challenging for a small health care organization, however, it is also a HIPAA requirement every health care organization must follow. A Systems Management platform can help to automate this process, and ensure compliance is maintained. This process can be fully automated and configured based on an organization's individual needs. Software Updates for Microsoft software can be handled in this way, as well as hardware drives and firmware, and third-party software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, etc. 

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Cloud-based backup, archive and disaster recovery

Compliance and Reporting

Having automation in place for deployment of software and updates is great, but a systems management platform will go one step further and provide insight into compliance with those deployments, showing successful installations as well as errors that may have occurred. In addition, reporting on anything you can imagine can be configured and even scheduled to be delivered to any email inbox you need, making not only being compliant easy, but proving your compliance as well.