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VisuaFUSION Systems Solutions is a group of passionate Health Care IT Professionals dedicated to helping the mission of small health care organizations across the United States. We understand how critical small health care organizations can be to the areas they serve and have seen first-hand the challenges they face with managing the costs of ever-expanding healthcare IT requirements and regulations. We work exclusively with small health care organizations, and most importantly, organizations who work with us can rest assured there is no ulterior motive - we don't want to own you, only help you manage your IT.

Our Company

VisuaFUSION Systems Solutions was founded by Sean Huggans, Jose Medina, and Adam Thomas after they realized they were in a good position to come together and help stop vendors taking advantage of small health care organizations who often times don't have the in-house IT skillsets to know better.  At first, their service offering included systems management and health care data/interface work. Since that time, their service offering has expanded into the software licensing, managed service provider (MSP), and web hosting space as well.


We envision a world where small health care organizations have the same resource skillsets available as larger healthcare organizations, all while successfully managing the associated costs. This helps to allow them to maintain their independence, which can be important for the communities they serve.


The mission of visuaFUSION Systems Solutions is to help small health care organizations have access to enterprise level IT professionals, all while managing the costs associated with ever expanding healthcare IT requirements and regulations.

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If you are a small health care organization looking for ways to save money while maintaining an enterprise class level of IT operations (or perhaps simply wanting to achieve that), get in touch with us today!

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Our Team

Sean Huggans
Systems Engineer

Jose Medina
Clinical Systems Architect

Adam Thomas
Client Engagement Coordinator