Software Update Management

Software update management is crucial to environment security!
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HIPAA requires health care organizations to implement common sense practices to protect patient data, and a complete software update management process is crucial to achieving and maintaining security in any health care organization's environment. New vulnerabilities are found in frameworks, applications, drivers and operating systems each month and a process covering these regularly is not only key to overall security but to HIPAA compliance as well. On top of this, in health care we must balance the need to patch systems against the cost of end-user impact.

VisuaFUSION Systems Solutions can help you implement a comprehensive software update management process that is completely automated in your environment, removing the need for someone to make all this happen manually while providing visibility into your current state at any point in time. In addition, our method reduces overall end-user impact, allowing for a period of available self-service prior to forcing updates to be installed each month, with the ability to know exactly when any particular system will force update on its own. As an added benefit, we prioritize business continuity as well, setting up this process in such a way that all of a single department's systems will never update at the same time, allowing at least a few staff to keep working and accessing resources while others install updates.

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Areas of Focus


Microsoft Updates

Providing and having visibility into patching for Microsoft Operating Systems and software is still a challenge for many organizations today, but it doesn't have to be!



Third-Party Applications

Third-Party Applications and Frameworks are often overlooked when planning a software update management process, which can be a costly mistake for a small health care organization to make!



Hardware Drivers and Firmware

Keeping drivers and firmware updated not only remediates security vulnerabilities, but also helps to maintain stability of hardware as OS updates and upgrades are applied.