Configuration File

EMUServer.config file contains the values for the Server Installer to use to set up the EMU server. After initial setup, this same file is also used as the configuration file for each Server Component.

Configuration Wizard to set these values is planned, however, for now you must set these values manually before running the server installer.

EMUServer.config Values:

    1. Your Active Directory Domain Name
    1. The FQDN of your ConfigMgr SQL Server
    1. The FQDN of your ConfigMgr SMS Provider Server
  4. ConfigMgrSiteCode=FOO
    1. Sitecode of your ConfigMgr Server (in CAS environments, typically use CAS)
    1. The FQDN of your EMU Server's SQL Server
  6. ActiveDirectoryServiceAccountOU=OU=Service Accounts,OU=Sample Users,DC=Sample,DC=VisuaFUSION,DC=com
    1. DistinguishedName of the OU containing your Service Accounts
  7. ActiveDirectoryGroupsOU=OU=Sample Groups,DC=Sample,DC=VisuaFUSION,DC=com
    1. DistinguishedName of the OU containing your groups
  8. EMUClientServiceAccountName=EMU-Client
    1. Account name of the service account running EMU Client actions
  9. EMUServerServiceAccountName=EMU-Server
    1. Account name of the service account running EMU Server actions
  10. MaxLogSize=4096
    1. Maximum size of log files before they are rolled over
  11. LogLevel=2
    1. Logging level - This affects log sizing.  Higher levels will cause logs to rollover more quickly - see Server Log Levels for more information.
  12. UseLatestAvailableFiles=True
    1. If this is true, the latest available files will be downloaded from visuaFUSION vs. using versions included with the installer package.  There are certain scenarios where you may want to force using the packaged versions - in this case, set this to true.  This is not a typical scenario, default is True.

More Information

  1. Config Lines beginning with # are ignored.
  2. Config Lines that contain only whitespace are ignored.