EMU Client Settings: VolumeEncryptionRecoveryKeyStorageMode

This settings tells EMU where and how to look for recovery keys for encrypted volumes on hosts connected to within Computer Management.

Currently Supported Key Storage Modes:

Value Explanation EMU Version
STANDALONEMBAM Use this if your organization utilizes a Standalone MBAM Server for BitLocker Recovery Key Storage
CONFIGMGRMBAM Use this if your Organization utilizes ConfigMgr to store/manage BitLockerRecovery Keys

INTUNE Use this if your organization uses Intune to store/manage BitLocker Recovery Keys

Coming Soon

MCAFEE Use this if your orgnanization utilizes McAfee Disk Encryption Coming Soon

More Information

With the ConfigMgrMBAM value in place, EMU will queue jobs on the EMU server to automatically retrieve BitLocker recovery keys for you.  Note that with this option set this way retrieved keys are temporarily stored in the EMU database in plain text so you will need to decide if that is acceptable for you.  If it is not, you can use the STANDALONEMBAM setting, and then provide the URL to your Help Desk Key Recovery URL page.  In this configuration, EMU will provide users with a key ID and then open that web page.  They can then use the provided Key ID to lookup the recovery key through the recovery web page.