Implementing EMU: Plan for your EMU Server

Decide whether to run EMU Server components on dedicated hardware or share with existing ConfigMgr hardware

The EMU Server runs several server-side applications, as well as a SQL database.  Deciding on whether or not EMU's SQL instance should live on the same server with EMU Server Components and/or you should run the EMU Server components directly on your Configuration Manager server and sizing your server appropriately will depend on several factors including:

  1. Size of your organization (in terms of workstation count)
    1. Organizations with more workstations will theoretically have more workload and may wish to isolate EMU server components out onto their own dedicated server resources rather than share them with existing ConfigMgr resources.
    2. Organizations with a smaller number of workstations will theoretically have less workloads and may be fine running EMU server components directly on their single primary site server.
    3. These are generalized statements, you should determine for yourself.
  2. How SQL is licensed in your ConfigMgr environment
    1. Organizations who utilize SQL on-box with the included ConfigMgr SQL license will need to validate whether or not it's okay to run third-part software (such as EMU Server components) within the instance licensed under your ConfigMgr license. 
    2. We can't determine this for you, please consult your licensing partner if you are not sure.
  3. If your organization already has infrastructure dedicated to SQL performance

Service Account Permissions

The EMU Server will need to utilize a service account with certain permissions, which are outlined on the EMU Server Service Account Permissions page.

More Information

It goes without saying that because EMU is utilizing your ConfigMgr environment to deploy applications that if your ConfigMgr environment is running slowly, deployments via EMU may happen more slowly as well.  One of the goals of EMU is to illiminate the need for collection evaluation schedules to be configured on application deployment collections, which in many cases addresses much of the slowness you may be experiencing.  There are still several factors which can contribute to slownless.  More help is available here.